New pile driver attachment

New powerful pile driver attachment delivers 11 tonnes of vibratory impacts 2,250 times per minute to get the job done safe, quick and quiet ahead of official launch at PLANTWORX 2017

Witham Fourth District IDB's engineers know a thing or two about piling, after all the organisation is responsible for managing water levels for drainage and flood prevention in an area spanning over 40,000 hectares.

These experienced piling operators and loyal Cardley customers, who already own and operate the VERSAVIBE post driver attachment, were one of the lucky few to put the new ‘big brother’ in the range to work for piling.

The new attachment has been especially designed for larger post as well as sheet piling works which require ‘extra clout’ without impacting on safety, precision or noise pollution.


Read about Witham Fourth IDB’s experience of the VERSAVIBE post driver attachment by clicking here.

If you would like to attend PLANTWORX as our guest or would simply like more information on the new pile driver attachment contact us today – (+44) 01254 707407