Glyphosate - Less than 6 months left?

The licence for the key ingredient in most chemical weed killers is due to expire unless renewal is granted before the year end.

As things stand some local authorities are already implementing safety restrictions on spraying:

  • Brighton – The Council placed a ban on glyphosate in March 2016
  • Bristol – Continuing to trial alternatives to reduce the amount of chemicals they spray
  • Glastonbury – Full ban on the use of glyphosate
  • Edinburgh – Ban on glyphosate implemented in 2016
  • Frome Town Council – Glyphosate ban in place
  • Shaftsbury – Full glyphosate ban in place
  • Erewash Borough Council – Has stopped using chemical weed killers


Cardley customers benefit from the most efficient and effective herbicide-free equipment available:

  • Hammersmith & Fulham – The Council’s contractor implemented two MAXI Series to work across the network instead of chemical spraying
  • The Shetland Islands Council – Resulted in fewer treatments, claims and costs whilst improving community relationships
  • Aberdeen City Council – Tackled weeds in urban environments with a reduction in weed regrowth
  • WWT Martin Mere – Enabled them to treat invasive species such as crassula and work around water and the public without risk of contamination
  • The RSPB – Unrestricted application of hot water in sensitive areas maximised daily productivity
  • West Lothian Council -  Initial trial hire of the MIDI Series led to repeat investment from the Council after realising the results


Find out how you can future-proof your strategy and reduce chemical costs by contacting the UK leader in hot water weed control equipment for a trial – call Cardley on 01254 707407