Cardley respond to Council's cry for help

Steve Cooper, Environment Officer at Great Aycliffe Town Council, publicised a ‘Balsam Bashing’ event to engage residents in helping manually remove Himalayan Balsam infestations in the local press…

Local resident and National Sales Manager at Cardley Hot Water Weed Control, Richard Burchell, grabbed the opportunity to help the council to treat invasive weeds using a more efficient method compared to their usual methods of hand picking, whilst still maintaining an environmentally friendly application.

Richard attended the event on Tuesday 25th of July, geared up with the latest addition to the Hot Water Weed Control family – the MAXI TOW. The MAXI TOW is an integrated machine, water tank and trailer unit for an easy to use solution, and works by heating the water to an optimum temperature of 98° in order to kill the cellular structure of the plant.


Having had previous success with treating invasive species such as crassula and creeping thistle, Cardley took on the challenge to treat invasive species Himalayan Balsam and Duckweed as well as perennial weeds such as Dandelions.

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Using hot water to treat weeds in public spaces requires no chemicals meaning they can be used around water courses and sensitive areas without risk of any drift or contamination; this allowed Richard to treat Duckweed which lays on the pond surface and can double in size every 2-3 days if untreated. 

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