5 Reasons to switch to attachments

Construction contractors, the Ashcourt Group, outlines advantages achieved after investing in attachments to make the most of their purchased plant by off-setting costs against specialist hired equipment.

For over 17 years the Ashcourt Group has delivered complete contracting packages to more than 1,362 customers across its 6 divisions. Equally experienced roadworks front man, Dave Proctor, explains why he chose to stop hiring in specialist planing machines in order to utilise an existing skid steer loader within the fleet by purchasing a half metre road planer and brush bucket attachments.

Ashcourt’s Posi-Track loader was unique as it was never launched in the UK marketplace before so he needed a planer and brush bucket that was optimised to his host carrier. Because Dave had worked with Bingham planers in the past and knew everything was designed and built in-house, he was confident Cardley could adapt the attachments he needed for his unique skid steer machine.

Why swap attachments for specialist hired in machines?

  1. Cost effective – Specialist cold milling machines are expensive assets and hire bills can soon add up, decreasing your competitive edge and profits. With having a skid steer machine, it only made sense for Ashcourt to invest in attachments for future work by using one loader for both asphalt planing and sweeping
  2. Transport – Ashcourt’s attachments are much easier and more efficient to transport to site, saving money on each job in comparison to the cost of previous rented equipment that required an additional wagon arriving on site each day.
  3.  Manoeuvrability – Fully integrated controls allow Dave to operate the attachments entirely from within the cab. The hydraulic side shift ensures the planer can work against the kerb edge and around drains or manholes whilst depth adjustment is accurately controlled at the touch of a button.​
  4. ​​Reliability – The use of hydraulic attachments with their existing skid steer gets the job done faster and more efficiently. Ashcourt has the edge over competitors because they can get the job done with the tools they have. The quick and easy changeover of attachments allows the team to mill before quickly switching over to the brush bucket to sweep the planed area ready for reinstatement.
  5. Productive– Cardley’s 500mm patch planer has a unique centre pivot design that optimises the performance of your tool carrier by applying the maximum force directly over the cutting drum enabling easier and quicker cuts, whilst preventing ‘bouncing’ which is commonly seen in imported road planers.

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